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About Us

Bambooland believes in promoting progress without hurting the environment. This is why our company has decided to come up with products that are sourced from where they are grown locally and the final outputs are made locally as well. This is how Bambooland started. We are located in Hamburg, Germany, which is a good place to grow certain species of bamboos. The temperature in Germany is just right for growing bamboo.

We eventually decided to make the most out of this gift and start a company that creates products made out of bamboo. We have also employed creative weavers and woodworkers to craft the finest bamboo products ever. In the process of creating these products, we have not harmed the environment and the final products sold in the market may also be easily disposed if no longer in use. They can also be recycled for some other purposes.

At Bambooland, we understand the dire need to save the environment. This is why we have created a business that is eco-friendly but the products are still of top quality and affordable cost. For us, this is not just a business. It is a way of life. It is about instilling the value of preserving the environment and not abusing its bounty.

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