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Bambooland offers a variety of products that you can use whether you are at home, at the office, or while traveling. Below are the packages for you to choose from if you want to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle wherever you may be.

  • Thoughtful dining This package is composed of items that you need for dining. This includes plates, utensils, bowls, and tabletops.
  • Cooking with love We provide a complete package for all your cooking needs. This includes knives, chopping board, handles and special cooking set.
  • Easy Pack We make things easy and eco-friendly for you through our easy Pack. We offer pouches, bamboo straws, reusable chopsticks, and kitchenware containers.

We may not be aware of it, but our decision in buying products that damage the environment empowers companies to damage the environment even more. This is why you have to be wiser in making a decision especially on the type of products to patronize.

Thoughtful Dining


Complete set of 12 plates, 12 pairs of spoon and fork, 5 huge bowls and 12 small bowls and 1 tabletop for only $400. (buying the items individually would cost around $500)

Cooking with Love

Chopping board
Special cooking set

Complete set of 5 different types of knives, 2 chopping boards of different sizes, 1 utensils handle and 1 special cooking set for only $400

(Buying the items individually would cost around $550)

Easy Pack

Bamboo straws
Reusable chopsticks
Kitchenware containers

Complete set of 10 pouches of different sizes, 20 reusable bamboo straws, 10 pairs of reusable chopsticks and 2 different kitchenware containers for only $200

(Buying the items individually would cost you around $250)