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Privacy Policy

The privacy of our customers is an utmost priority at Bambooland. Thus, we guarantee you that your identity will be kept in strictest confidentiality.

Use of Personal Information

You only have to provide us with your personal information upon payment of goods and services. This information will not be shared with any other agencies even upon request. We may use the email address provided only for the purpose of advertising.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Bambooland reserves the right to change the privacy policy without prior notice. If you are uncomfortable of this, please feel free to leave the site now.

Call Us for Suggestions

We are open for suggestions for improvement. We also accept suggestions on how to create more products out of bamboo or other natural resources. Please feel free to drop us a call or send us an email at the contact information found below.

Call us:
Tel: +1 808 424 0809

Write To us:
Bambooland Bargteheider str. 90 Street, Hamburg, Hawaii 96843, Germany

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